SPA Midlands Darts Tournament

SPA Midlands Darts Tournament
SPA Midlands Darts Tournament

Coventry SPA Darts team recently participated in the Midland Darts tournament which was held at Shree Prajapati Association hall, in Leicester. The tournament was organised by the Leicester branch and there were participants from other Branches including Bradford, Coventry, Leicester, Loughborough, Rugby and Wellingborough. Other than SPA Annual sports day, this event is getting more popular with our people and our Branch has supported this event for the past three years. The Darts tournament was structured for the main Elite and Fun groups.

Coventry Branch participated in the Elite group and our team was represented by Maganbhai V Mistry, Babubhai M Mistry, Dineshbhai L Mistry, Hasmukhbhai T Mistry, Pravinbhai T Mistry, Bhikhubhai V Mistry, Keshavbhai R Mistry, Ramanbhai L Mistry, Vikesh P Mistry and Bhaven Mistry. Thank you to Shri Dahyabhai K Mistry who also brought some delicious food and snacks which were well appreciated.

We are pleased to say that our participants played well and one pair reached the semi-final of the competition. The Elite group was won by the Bradford and Fun group by Leicester.

There were also fun games for the children and the evening attracted nearly 150 people who enjoyed the good delicious veg and non-veg curry, rice and bhatura cooked locally by the Leicester Branch.

Raffle and fun games and darts teams raised nearly £1340.00 for the good causes.

Finally, thanks to all Coventry participants who supported this event and thanks to host branch for the good evening of fun and entertainment.

Children’s Christmas Party 2016

On Saturday 18th December 2016 SPA Coventry hosted a Children’s Christmas party for the first time in a long while.  It was a great day for parents with children of similar ages to get together.

The idea was suggested by Priya Mistry, who led the arrangements and was supported by Anup Mistry and me (Ravi Mistry) SPA Coventry youth leader. We were able to promote the event through our SPA Coventry Facebook page and also with the help Shaileshbhai who was able to send our fliers out to members via email.

Together we decided to have a number of activities for the children to enjoy, a Christmas kids disco and topped off with a visit for Santa Claus himself, who came with a bag full of presents for all the children.

We were supported by a lot of the parents and would like to say a big thank you to Hema Mistry, who donated her time and skill to offer face painting free of charge, Dipika Mistry, who donated cookies and icing for the children to decorate and take home, all the parents who came on the day for the help and support and finally for the £28 donations we collected on the day.

Overall it was a fulfilled day for all children and parents. The kids looked liked they had a lot of fun, gave an opportunity for the parents to share ideas for future events and also great to get the community together.

We have had some very positive feedback and some great ideas for future children’s events.

Feedback from parents:

“We thought it was well organised and everyone seemed to have a lovely time. Our kids had a blast”

“I think the good mix of arts & crafts, party games and face-painting worked well”

“Everyone involved in organising the event deserve a pat on the back for giving your time and effort”

“It was a fantastic party, all your hard work paid off, we all had a great time”

“Brill day and thanks for organising”