Message from Divyen Mistry on behalf of HQ Youth Team

Dear Members,

Namaste and Jay Shree Krishna.

The youth team would like to take this opportunity to help in understanding the way forward for our Samaj.

You will have heard by now from your branch secretaries and/or presidents regarding the need to understand what as a samaj we need to do to encourage our members to participate.

In order to try and understand this better, we have devised a short questionnaire which we encourage you to ask as many members as possible to engage in this process so that we at HQ and local level we can better understand the needs and thoughts of our members.

Below is a link to an online questionnaire which we would like you to distribute to all members as soon as possible.

The results of the questionnaire are totally anonymous, so we hope you will encourage as many to participate as possible.

The results of this we intend to publish at a later date.

We hope you will support us in this initiative and look forward to receiving some constructive feedback.

Click HERE to access the survey.